Receiver, Laser, Linear Display/Control w/Plumb Indicator &

The Spectra Precision® LR series of Machine Control Receiver Sensors are designed to increase machine and operator productivity. Users can check grade conveniently from the machine cab, which saves labor, time, and fuel. Use on backhoes, excavators, dozers, box blades, trenchers, and skid steer attachments.


  • Versatile 360° degree reception
  • Works with all types of Spectra Precision Lasers
  • Multiple Accuracy selections to choose from
  • Long life battery operation
  • Ultra-bright LED’s with Green on Grade
  1. LR20 with adjustable magnetic mount for compact machines
  2. LR30 and LR30W for general grades with 3 selectable accuracies
  3. LR50 and LR50W for excavating and grading with built-in blade tilt and plumb indication
  4. LR60 and LR60W for excavating with plumb indication and angle compensation