Trimble RTS873

Advanced Technology for Construction layout

Eliminate the guesswork. With it’s bright, autofocusing green laser, the RTS873 heightens layout precision on the jobsite.

100% Robotic Operation

Trimble VISION™ provides you with the ability to direct layout with live video images on the Trimble Field Tablet, maximizing your command of the job.

Visual Verification

To provide an accurate documentation of the design and field image that is displayed within the Trimble Field Link software, job data including points and linework are overlaid on the camera image.


Improve layout accuracy and speed of DR layout. The RTS873 autofocusing green beam optimizes visibility of placement points at all distances.


Combined with Trimble Field Link running on the tablet, this system will compensate for uneven floors and ceilings to ensure positioning accuracy.


For construction applications, you need a measurement solution with optimal speed, accuracy and reliability. Combine the Trimble DR HP Precision EDM with Trimble VISION and you have the flexibility to tackle the most demanding projects.


  • Visually mark points, with high precision, using the Auto-focusing Class 2 Green Laser Pointer.
  • Automatic Servo Focus sets the optical focus for quick manual aiming when laying out points in DR mode.
  • Combine with Trimble Field Link software running on the Trimble Field Tablet to optimize your accuracy and productivity.
Key Features:
  • A Smarter Pointer with bright green, autofocusing laser and auto-correction for uneven surfaces
  • Trimble VISION video-assisted robotic measurement
  • Visual verification with data overlay and photo documentation
  • MagDrive technology for maximum speed and efficiency
  • MultiTrack technology offers the choice between passive and active tracking