Scanning Services

When it comes to capturing detailed data on a jobsite, BuildingPoint America West’s Scanning Rental Services are a great option to get your project done on time and under budget. 3D scans provide complete site documentation and our services are a great way to get you started in this type of accurate measurement. Our scan datasets can easily be brought into programs like Autodesk Products, Trimble RealWorks, Tekla, or ClearEdge where BIM modeling can start taking place. Contact us today to help make your next project a success!

We provide a wide range of deliverables for applications, including:

  • Colorized Point Clouds
  • 360-Degree Imagery
  • Attribute-Rich Point, Line and Area Features
  • Digital Terrain Models and Contour Maps
  • Volume Calculations


  • MEP Systems
  • Beam Deflection
  • Floor Flatness
  • Construction, Mining and Quarries
  • Oil and Gas
  • Historical Documentation
  • Monitoring
  • As-Builts

VDC Services

VDC integrates all elements of a project by sharing design and construction models across the entire team. Through the VDC process, a schedule-loaded model can be compared to the project as it’s being built, providing highly detailed data of the project’s planned timeline vs. the actual progress. The data also ensures that equipment as-procured matches the dimensions and specifications of the equipment as-planned for ease of installation, preventing costly delays or the need for modifications.

BIM and Virtual Design & Construction Services

It’s increasingly difficult to keep up with changing technology platforms, industry standards and project requirements. Our team can help you leverage BIM and VDC to drive efficiencies, improve quality, meet schedules and reduce project risk.

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